What is Cars & Coffee


Cars & Coffee is a decentralized global community of car lovers. Every Saturday at cafes and parking-lots around the world, car owners and appreciators come together to talk shop, share ideas, swap parts and make friends.

There are dozens of car-clubs in Vermont and New Hampshire but each of these focuses on a style of vehicle, a specific brand and the car-clubs are not inclusive to drivers who might drive a Corvette instead of a Camaro or Drag-Racing over Auto-Cross. Cars & Coffee’s goal is to bring drivers from all over to engage and have fun. While it’s easy to say “4-wheels and a motor, you’re welcome to come”, we want to include riders of motorcycles and Tesla owners as well. If you love your vehicle and want to show it off, join us!

What if I don’t drink coffee?

Tucker box has tea, water, pastries and even kombucha. Patronage to our host cafe is not required as we are not occupying their place, only grabbing food & drinks and going back out to the parking area to talk about cars

What if I don’t have a cool car?

Cars & Coffee is open to anyone and if you are not in a show-off mood, just park in the general main-street area and walk over to the parking area to talk with others. Most cars & coffee events have a ratio of 4 spectators for every 1 driver so don’t be shy

Do I have to join for all 3 hours?

Nope, pop in to grab a coffee and look at the cars and head out if you’d like.

Is it free?

YEP! You can show up, look around, talk to people and leave without ever taking your wallet out

Can we do burn-outs and show off our new sound system?

No, please see the C&C Upper Valley rules for more information



About the Organizer:


For now, there’s only one person organizing. That’s Adam Chandler. I’m local to Enfield New Hampshire and attend a car-event every month when there isn’t any snow on the ground. I’m in the Volkswagen / Audi community but I appreciate all cars and love going to track events, drag events and auto cross events. I’ve done Tail of the Dragon in my car and plan on going in my motorcycle next year. My garage for now includes a 2016 Volkswagen Golf R putting down 400 horsepower and a 2009 BMW R1200 GS Adventure dual-sport bike. I have a Blog, a Flickr and YouTube page you can find my content.