Sponsors: 2017

White River Toyota (Homepage, Facebook) has is our sponsor for the April 15th & May 20th 2017 meet-ups providing coffee to attendees.




They even put together a flyer!



If you’d like to be a sponsor, it’s actually straight forward. We won’t have any site-advertising beyond the non-tracker banner-ads below.

Sponsors will be able to buy a round of coffee or pastries for event attendees at a minimum commitment of $100 ‘tab’ at our host cafe for each monthly event they’d like to sponsor.

Sponsors of our events will be given a shout-out at the start and end of the event and a permanent link from this page to their business’ website or social media page.

Interested in sponsoring? Email us! with the following info:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Website (URL)
  • Cars & Coffee Month you’d like to sponsor
  • The company must be present on that Saturday to open a tab at the local coffee shop we are hosted at

Thanks for being a part of the NH/VT Upper Valley Cars & Coffee Community!