Attendee Rules

Since we’re new at this our rules were shamelessly scrapped from Cars & Coffee Indy. We hope they’re okay with that. These rules will change over time so a last modified date will be maintained each time the rules are updated:


What to expect:

  •  A large gathering of car enthusiasts who love any opportunity to look at vehicles of ALL makes and models


What is helpful for you to know:

  •  We welcome ALL enthusiasts and marques
  • The event is officially from 8AM-11AM
  •  C&C Upper Valley, Tuckerbox Cafe and the City of Hartford will not be liable for any injury/damage you or your vehicle may encounter while attending Cars and Coffee
  •  Due to limited space and the desire to maximize the uniqueness of the event, if you are coming simply as a spectator, please park outside of the designated parking area
  •  You are more than welcome to stay past 11AM just note that parking is limited to 2 hours per car after the event


What we ask of everyone:

  •  Your cooperation and consideration of others
  •  Use the trash receptacles and keep the area neat
  •  Please use caution and maintain posted speed limits. These are public streets
  •  No excessive speeding or noise within 1⁄2 mile of the event
  •  No burnouts. You will not be invited back.
  •  If your car leaks oil, bring cardboard to put down. We will dispose of it after your departure.
  • No demoing your new audio system
  • No revving your engine excessively. Use best judgement
  • Don’t sit on or inside of a car that is not yours
  • If a car’s doors, hood or trunk are closed, don’t open it and poke around
  • You break it, you buy it
  • Please be courteous to other exhibitors and respectful of their property
  • We will not tolerate open-containers of alcohol or use of any substances like marijuana. When smoking tobacco or vaping, just be courteous of others’ space
  •  Bring a smile and enjoy yourself!
  • These rules are in place with the goal of allowing us to host the event and create a pleasant and inviting environment for all, including residents and businesses near the property.


Last Modified, July 8th, 2016

If you observe any of these rules being broken, please report it immediately. If local, state or federal laws are being broken, call the non-emergency number for Hartford Police at 802-295-9425. If a car catches fire, call 802-295-3232 for Hartford Fire Department.